On A San Francisco High

Sony Holland
On A San Francisco High
Vocalist: Sony Holland
Music and lyrics by Jerry Holland
From the CD: On A San Francisco High

Notes: Sony Holland's swinging new CD is wonderful and contains several other songs
about our beloved Bay Area. Visit her website for more information about this
charming vocalist who is delighting San Francisco audiences all over town.

I've got a friend in San Francisco
When the whole world
Lets me down
I can always find some comfort
In this breezy little town
On a hill by the bay
Where the sea meets the sky
All my blues melt away
On a San Francisco High

Through a misty
Morning sunrise
Distant Bridges are surreal
And the sights of Sausalito
Have a mystical appeal
That's why I long to be
Up where heaven is nigh
Livin' easy and free
On a San Francisco High

There's no other city
That can take
my breath away
It's like Paris by the ocean
On a perfect April day
Tourists sign with envy
As they stroll through
Union Square
And even proud
New Yorkers say
There's magic in the air.

The streets are filled
With music
And alive with style and light
There's a sweet nirvana
Stirring on a jazzy
North Beach night
Love to walk aimless miles
Watchin' strangers go by
Everyone wearin' smiles
On a San Francisco High