"I Left My Heart In San Francisco"
Tony Bennett

Written by: Douglass Cross & George Cory
Artist: Tony Bennet
From the album: I Left My Heart In San Francisco ~ Originally released: 1962

Notes: Tony Bennett won two 1962 Grammy Awards for the title song as well as
'Record of the Year' and 'Best Solo Vocal Performance, Male'.

P.J. Corkery of the SF Examiner wrote that “Sinatra recorded the sacred song
on Aug 27, 1962 and canned it two weeks later, supposedly figuring it could
never beat Tony Bennett's then brand-new, spellbinding version....'

Herb Caen wrote in his Chronicle column on Friday, September 15, 1995:
'Tony Bennett said his most famous song 'was written for an opera singer
and went unrecorded for years' Not just any opera singer: George Cory and
Douglass Cross wrote it [in 1954] for their friend, our own beloved Claramae
Turner of Santa Rosa, who used it as a surefire encore in her many recitals.
`Last time I sang it in public,' she said yesterday, `was in Stern Grove
in 1972, with the San Francisco Symphony and George at the piano. I'm
beginning to think maybe I should've recorded it.'

"I Left My Heart in San Francisco," Tony Bennett's 1962 signature song,
became the official city song October 6, 1969.

etc. magazine (City College of San Francisco - Spring 1998, Vol. 2) reported
that Bob Grimes, the sheet music mogul of Post Street, along with San Francisco
Independent columnist Warren Hinckle, was instrumental in the successful
1985 campaign to dump Tony Bennett's saccharine tune, "I Left My Heart In
San Francisco," as the city's official song. It was replaced with the
bouncier "San Francisco," the title song of the movie starring Clark Gable
and Jeanette MacDonald.

Depending on who you talk to, 'I left My heart In San Francisco' is either
the city's 'other' official song or its official ballad.

Finally, rumor has it that if you enter the Golden gate Bridge at the start
of the song and drive the speed limit you will exit the bridge as the songs