'Fisherman's Wharf '
Peggy Lee
Written by: Peggy Lee & Milt Raskin
Artist: Peggy Lee (With the Quincy Jones Orchestra)
From the album:Peggy Lee - Blues Cross Country
Originally released: March 1962

Notes: 'Fisherman's Wharf' was written especially for this album.
'San Francisco Blues' is also on this album.)

Ocean's calling
I need salty air
Going down to Alioto's
On Fisherman's Wharf
That's where
They have seafood
Yes seafood to spare.
Sea breeze blowin'
Boats coming in
I've been waiting
Where've they been?
Good catch - good day
Fisherman, what do you say?
'Lobster, fresh crab
With hot French bread
What will it be?
Sweet shrimp
Yeah seafood and me.'

'Sea bass, abalone
Halibut and salmon too
Or maybe rock cod
They're so good now
Or a nice oyster stew
You like some
Sweet shrimp?
Fresh crab?
Sweet shrimp?