San Francisco
Judy Garland
Written by: Lyric by Gus Kahn, melody by Bronislaw Kaper and Water Jurman
New lyrics & additional melody for Judy Garland by Roger Edens.
Artist: Judy Garland
From the album:The Judy Garland Show, October 27, 1963 (Delta Music)
Originally released: 1995
(Also on numerous collections.)
San Francisco mp3

Notes: Judy has a lot of fun twisting the theme song from the 1936 movie,
San Francisco[See San Francisco (MacDonald)] One of Judy's best
performances of San Francisco is from her CBS television show during the
Born In A Trunk segment on the October 27, 1963 show.

I never will forget
Jeannette MacDonald
Just to think of her, it gives my heart a pang
I never will forget
How that brave Jeannette
Just stood there in the ruins and sang
and sang

San Francisco I'm coming home again
Never to roam again outside your door
San Francisco, here is your wanderin' one
Sayin' I'll wander no more

Other places only make me love you best
Tell me you're the one in all the golden West
San Francisco, I'm coming home again
Never to roam again, never to roam again

San Francisco
Right when I arrive
I really come alive
And you will laugh to see me
Perpendicular, hanging on a cable car

San Francisco
Let me beat my feet up and down Market Street
I want to climb Nob Hill
Just to watch it get dark
From the Top of the Mark

There&'s Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge
And the Bridge of San Luis Rey
But the only bridge that's a real gone bridge
Is the bridge across the Bay
San Francisco, I'm coming home again
Never to roam again, by God!

San Francisco
I don't mean Frisco
San Francisco, here I come.