"San Francisco Rose"

Written and © by: Jim Nemeth, 1977

Melting HeartThe Golden Gate Bridge is the favorite jumping off spot in the world, more magnetic than the Empire State Building and more dramatic than the Eifffel Tower.

In 1977, local resident, Jim Nemeth, was inspired to write this song after reading of the 1,000th suicide off the bridge.

There's Gold in Them There Hills,
I'm gon-na find some if it kills me.
And then I'm gon-na party one last time
get drunk up to the gills.
And eat my heart out till it fills me.
Then climb out on that Golden Gate and fly.

I'm gon-na fly beyond the highest bird,
A-way beyond your ly-ing word.
Gon-na fly out where the ramblin' rose won't go,

And then I'm gon-na settle down in one of them there Ang-gel towns.
And start forgetting San Francisco Rose.
I'm gon-na start forgetting San Francisco Rose.