Words and Music by Maureen Brill


While visting her Aunt who lives in Kentfield, Maureen was enchanted by the beautiful little cities around Marin County that they toured. They felt to her like alternative 'states of mind'.
  Maureen Brill is a songwriter who resides in Chicago and we thank her for sharing this charming song she was inspired to write about Sausalito.
Hear Maureen Brill's San Francisco

I love your little town with sailboats resting on the bay
A little town with shops and artists painting pictures both night and day.
The sun is shining down on thee
A place to live in perfect harmony,
You're more than a town, you're a state of mind, SAUSALITO.

I've fallen in love with you that's the last I've seen of my heart
I'm lost amid your winding streets and your houses on the hills.
I'll sit outside a small cafe' and watch your children run and play
You're more than a town, you're a state of mind, SAUSALITO.

A cool summer breeze rises up across the bay
I can see a thick white fog across the San Francisco bridge
And oh, the wonder of it all--winter summer spring or fall
It's a small town paradise I don't ever want to leave.

When it's time to say goodbye and catch an airline flight back home
You'll be in my heart and mind and I won't be alone.
Of all the towns I've traveled through there's no town to compare to you
You're more than a town you're a state of mind, SAUSALITO.

Copyright 1995, Maureen Brill/Coffee Break Records.
All Rights Reserved. International Rights Secured.
Lyrics used by permission.
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